Our Vision and Mission

As a faith family, our vision is to live God's love in the heart of our city by being internally strong and externally focused.  Our vision provides great focus yet unlimited opportunity. 

Living God's love means being salt and light in our everyday lives by serving those in need and showing them His love in a real, tangible and practical way.

The heart of our city is made up of two parts.  First, it represents the geographical heart of our city.  Second, it represents the spiritual heart of our city.  By showing we care, providing resources to help and working to build mutual trust, we believe God will continue to open doors to spiritual conversations that will change individual lives and the very heart of our city.


Our mission and purpose is to challenge people to discover and live a Christ-centered life.  Believing that we serve a loving, forgiving and caring God that desires a personal relationship with each of us, we are commited to introducing others to Him and living Christ-centered lives.

According to the Bible, living a Christ-centered life is about loving God and loving people.

With loving God and loving people as the primary characteristics of a Christ-centered life we challenge all people to discover the love and grace of Christ and then continue to grow in their personal relationship with Him.  This is why we exist and what we live for as the family of faith called North Phoenix.