At North Phoenix we believe that Christ centered people worship God and celebrate Him each day. To do so is to acknowledge His greatness and His glory, and is a reminder that we are called to please Him and live life with overcoming joy. Our celebration, our worship, is the emphatic “Yes!” to God as the center of our world and the King who reigns on high. We also believe that God commands us to praise and celebrate together as members of the Body of Christ. 


During the months of July and August, we are changing our Sunday morning schedule.

This intentional move is to help focus our church on inviting our friends and creating experiences where we can clearly and compellingly introduce people to Jesus. A lot of churches take the summer "off”. But not us and not this year! During a time when many are thinking decrease, we're coming together with the expectation of seeing new people connect to our church and God moving in their lives in a major way.

During July and August, our Bible Study Connect Groups will meet at 9:00 am on Sunday and we will have one worship service at 10:30 am.

In July, our sermon series, The Warrior, will focus on men and what it means to be a Godly man. Each week, we will have surprises and fun experiences on campus that people will be talking about all week! Invite the men you know to be here in July!

On Sundays in August, North Phoenix will be “At the Movies.” This series will use contemporary movies and compelling teaching from the Scriptures to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Each week, we will worship together and see how modern films intersect with God's truth for our lives.

This summer is a great opportunity for us to invite our friends and family, our oikos, to worship with us. We're expecting God to move in a major way in July and August.


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Upcoming Events

WeServe Fall 2015All Day
Fall Fling 201512:00pm – 3:00pm
Baptism Class9:00am – 10:00am